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I placed my order July 25, 2013 and never received a shipping confirmation email or anything. On July 26, 2013, I used the support ticket system on their website, www.angelsandsinners.co.uk, to question what was going on as when I logged into my account, the status of my order was still showing it as new (this is 24 hours later).

I received no response. My card, however, was charged August 2, 2013, but the order was still showing as payment not received.

Three weeks and six support tickets later, I have no product, no receipt, no shipping notification, and still no response to any of my support tickets. Buyer Beware - this site will take your money and deliver no product!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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I worked for them, they are by no means a reputable company. I left because i had enough.

I was discriminated and treated badly. I never got my last wages, there was no contract. I dont know if they moved since but the place i worked at was a dump. No health and safety standarts were met, it was dirty and everything was disorganised.

The stock rooms were a joke and often they would have stock level issues.

I attempted to keep track of it but my ideas were ignored. I had to eat my lunch at a nearby bus stop and had no access to drinking water.

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